If you’re struggling with Depression and haven’t found relief from medications, TMS could be right for you.

Modern Mind Clinic is now offering Neurostar Advanced Therapy TMS for our patients in Southfield, MI and surrounding areas.

Find out if TMS is right for you

No Side Effects

TMS therapy is not painful or disruptive, does not cause systemic side effects, and does not require hospitalization or anesthesia.

Non Invasive

Transcranial Magnetic Therapy (TMS) is a non-invasive, non-drug , safe and effective therapy that treats depression at the source.

19 Minute Sessions

NeuroStar Advanced Therapy TMS is an outpatient treatment that takes as little as 19 minutes per session.

What Is TMS Therapy?

TMS is Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation therapy, a non-drug treatment for major depression. TMS uses focused magnetic pulses, similar to an MRI, to reignite dormant synapses in the brain and help your brain function the way it was meant to.

TMS is not a drug, “shock therapy”, or surgery. It is a safe, effective treatment for depression without the side effects of medication.

What Patients Say

....I would like to also thank Tiffany for being amazing in helping with the treatments as well. I highly recommend Modern Mind and TMS. If you have depression or know someone that dose and everything else has failed, TMS is life changing. Please give it a try.
J Bryant
Modern Mind TMS Patient
...I was looking for a safe place to heal from child loss trauma and I'm so grateful to have found the office of Dr Amiri. The TMS tech / admin, Tiffany has truly been a godsend!!! Tiffany has walked me through this process being extremely kind as well as caring. I will appreciate that always as this treatment has been mind blowing (in a great way)...
D. TIllman
Modern Mind TMS Patient

Is TMS Right for Me?

TMS may be right for you if you agree with two or more:

While depression medications work for many people, some people still do not feel relief. For hard to treat depression where medication is not giving you adequate relief,  TMS is a proven, safe depression treatment option.

NeuroStar Advanced Therapy TMS is indicated for the treatment of Major Depressive Disorder in adult patients who have failed to receive satisfactory improvement from prior antidepressant medication in the current episode.

Frequently Asked Questions

The NeuroStar TMS Therapy system uses short pulses of magnetic fields to stimulate the area of the brain that is thought to function abnormally in patients with depression. The magnetic field produces an electric current in the brain that stimulates the brain cells (neurons). This results in changes that are thought to be beneficial in the treatment of depression.

Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) uses a targeted pulsed magnetic field, similar to what is used in an MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) machine. While the patient is awake and alert, NeuroStar TMS Therapy stimulates areas of the brain that are underactive in depression.

  • You’ll recline comfortably in the treatment chair
  • A small, curved magnetic coil will be positioned lightly on your head
  • NeuroStar delivers focused magnetic stimulation directly to the target areas of the brain
  • In-office treatment with NeuroStar TMS Therapy takes 19-37 minutes.
  • You will be fully awake and alert. You can read or watch TV and return to work after your treatment with no restrictions.

NeuroStar® is non-systemic (does not circulate in the blood throughout the body), so it does not have side effects such as weight gain, sexual dysfunction, nausea, dry mouth, sedation, etc. The most common side effects reported during clinical trials were headache and scalp discomfort – generally mild to moderate – occurring less frequently after the first week of treatment.

TMS is not ECT (electroconvulsive therapy). NeuroStar uses transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) to target key areas of the brain that are underactive in people with depression. Unlike ECT, TMS does not require the use of anesthesia and person will remain awake during the treatment.

Many commercial and Medicare plans have recognized the effectiveness of treating depression with TMS Therapy and now cover TMS as part of their plans. TMS Therapy is widely reimbursed by most commercial and government health plans, including Medicare.

About Us

At Modern Mind Clinic, we will work directly with you to develop a comprehensive treatment plan. As part of our patient-centered approach, we are always just a phone call away to assist you between visits.  Modern Mind Clinic is proud to offer TMS (Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation) for individuals who suffer from treatment resistant depression. 

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